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Adaptive Cycling

People who have been injured sometimes need help to adapt their bikes or trikes to enable them to bike again.  We are not just bicycle mechanics or bike shop owners.  Bill Gillette is a licensed mechanical engineer and utilizes Solidworks software and his knowledge of design and fabrication to make creative solutions for bike modifications.  These modifications can help people get biking again. We have helped brain trauma patients, brain tumor survivors, MS patients, back injury patients, Arthritics, and autistic individuals.  Keila's brother is a paraplegic.  We have an autistic son. Keila has a neurological immune system disorder.  We understand first hand the challenges in adaptive cycling.  

With close ties to the local Disability Resources Center and Pat Neal Rehab Center we also welcome hand cyclists, some of whom we have went cycling with.   We have no problem working on your special bike and also do sewn parts modifications. We are the ones who were making special sewn parts for local handcyclists when they purchased them from Greenlee's bike shop in Knoxville.

One project we especially enjoyed working on in the spring of 2012 was heavily modifying a push cart for use by a young lady in triathlons to raise money for the Patricia Neal Rehab Center. This involved computer modeling a linkage system to allow the pushing person to steer while Caroline pedaled and provided motive force for the cart.